C1+E Gold Package

The Gold package includes:

  • D2 licence application and D4 medical forms – The D2 form is to apply for your provisional licence and the D4 is completed by the doctor when you have your medical. Assistance in completing these can also be given.
  • Medical – Booked for you locally at a convenient time.
  • Theory revision issued – A login will be issued so you can start to revise your theory tests on our online revision site.
  • Multiple Choice, Hazard Perception and initial CPC theory tests booked – These will be booked at your local theory test centre at a time convenient to you. These can be booked individually or all 3 together.
  • 5 days driver training including DVSA test – Each days training is 3.5 hours long on a 1:1 ratio with your instructor.
  • Pass Protection – Should you be unsuccessful on your first test you have one additional attempt with 1.5 hours training beforehand.
  • Practical CPC module 4 – Training at our centre and tested by one of our examiners on the same day.
Course Info

7.5 tonne with a trailer (C1+E)
Students wishing to progress to Category C1+E will be required to send their Category C1 Pass Certificate together with their current U.K. Drivers Licence, to the D.V.L.A., Swansea to have the FULL category C1 and provisional category C1+E licence entitlement added before they can book an Category C1+E course and driving.
No additional medicals or theory tests are required. The duration of training will then depend on the experience of towing. We offer experienced instruction using our own vehicle or you may supply your own providing it fulfills current DVSA test standard criteria.