ADR – Classes 2,3,4,5,6,8 & 9

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This course will cover the following:

  • Core
  • Packages
  • Class 2 (Gasses)
  • Class 3 (Flammable Liquids)
  • Class 4 (Flammable Solids)
  • Class 5 (Oxidising Agents)
  • Class 6 (Toxics)
  • Class 8 (Corrosives)
  • Class 9 (Miscellaneous)

This course will cover the transport of Hazardous Goods in packages only.

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ADR Course Info


An ADR Training Certificate is required by any driver carrying “In-Scope” packaged Dangerous Goods, for a tanker of >1m3 or tank container of >3m3 – regardless of the gross weight of the carrying vehicle and is valid for five years.

There is no required pre-qualification; anyone with a full UK driving licence may attend. Our ADR Training is held at both of our Portsmouth, Southampton and Reading locations from Monday – Friday and covers classes (2-3-4-5-6-8-9) Gases, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solids, Oxidising Substances, Toxic, Radioactive, Corrosives and Miscellaneous in tanks and packages.

Principles of classification covered in our ADR Training

Class 2 – Gases

Class 3 – Flammable Liquids

Class 4.1 – Flammable solids, self-reactive substances and solid desensitized explosives

Class 4.2 – Substances liable to spontaneous combustion

Class 4.3 – Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

Class 5.1 – Oxidizing substances

Class 5.2 – Organic peroxides

Class 6.1 – Toxic substances

Class 6.2 – Infectious substances

Class 8 – Corrosive substances

Class 9 – Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

2 Start training Ltd are members of the The National Dangerous Goods Training Consortium. A nationwide network of professional training schools providing high standards of training delivered only by experienced instructors.