Estee Lauder Companies

Job Responsibilities;

  • Operate at all times in accordance with Health and Safety rules and regulations.
  • Receive and GRN Incoming Goods, check delivery notes and stow materials.
  • Pick and return Components/labels/Raw Materials/Finished Goods and Mass for the Whitman Production Area/Third Party Contractors/Internal and External customers.
  • Follow the Scrap Process, which includes Picking and Sorting of Finished Goods and Components in preparation for disposal and Return to Vendors.
  • Wrap and Load Pallets on the Vehicle for internal/external customers in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Allocate orders to the relevant documents using the current Whitman computer system.
  • Support all activities associated with Lean/BBS.
  • Carry out Fork Lift checks before each shift and document it, when necessary.
  • With assistance from the Senior Operator, carry out local GMP Audits.
  • At the beginning of each shift sign out the relevant R/F Equipment and Radio, reporting any damage or breakdowns to the Senior Operator, at the end of each shift return and sign in the Equipment.
  • Carry out Cycle Counts on a regular basis, both Manual and Computerised, which may include a full or partial physical count.
  • Update the Inbound Vehicle Schedule along with the Inbound discrepancy Sheet.
  • Deliver the correct Materials to the Production Area.
  • Remove Finished Goods from Production, to the correct storage Areas after checking all is correct on the Pallet.
  • Operation of the Bailing/Crusher Machines, making sure the correct Waste Streams are operated.

Working Hours/Shifts

  • 24 hour lates – Saturday and Sunday 11am – 11pm
  • 24 hour nights – Friday to Sunday 11pm – 11am
  • 32 hour days; one week Sun 11am-11pm, Mon & Tues 3pm-11pm and following week is Sun 11am-11pm and Mon-Weds 3pm-11pm

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