Meet the team - Instructors

Ken is an all round legend! He’s been with 2 Start since before the beginning and has been training people in various aspects of industry since 1983. Ken is a member of the Institute of Vehicle Recovery, and first begun by designing, building, driving and maintaining vehicles from 1976 onwards. He’s been working in road transport for the past 40 years, which makes him one of the most widely experienced instructors around. Ken spends his time at 2 Start teaching Class 2 (Category C) on the road, as well as teaching the Module 4. Inital CPC, and was the editor of the JAUPT CPC Load and Load Security Course (now taught also by Joe and Robin). Ken takes a very personal pride in helping students to pass; and was the very man who taught Joe to drive.

In his spare time, Ken like to play golf badly; he’s very specific about this… and continues to refuse to attempt to play well ???? He’s also a scuba diver; and until recently, enjoyed chasing foreign women. The chasing of women has recently ended, as Ken now has a Russian wife. ???? – Lovely lady she is too!

So, Class C drivers and Mod. 4 CPC people; you’re likely to come across Ken. A cracking instructor with many years of experience! ????