Meet the team - Instructors

Robin is another of our Instructors here in Portsmouth; Teaching everything from Car and Trailer right through to Artic (and crowned Instructor of the Year 2013), He’s a top guy! Robin started in transport back in the 1800’s (we joke, 1967). Back in the 60’s Robin was a 7.5 tonne driver transporting metal components out of Portsmouth with roping and sheeting. When he was 21, Robin qualified for his HGV licence for articulated trucks. First off Robin started working out of Shoreham, transporting timber across the UK, then general haulage, (everything from portable buildings, aerosol sprays, and even the occasional pair of pants.) Robin then went to work for Freys (based in Stockholm, Sweden) running from Stockholm to Gothemburg and back to the UK.

Robin started teaching drivers back in 1994 and has taught literally thousands of drivers (too many to remember). Robin had a break from teaching in 2007 when he bought his own trucks and worked on refrigerated distribution. In 2012, Robin sold up and joined 2 Start here in Portsmouth; Since then he’s been teaching his heart out.

In his spare time, Robin likes to study archaeology; digging holes in local fields to search for gold! (though we haven’t seen any gold yet as such) Robin has two children and is happily married. (which is always a disappointment for our lady students). To meet Robin, come and see us – Robin will always see that you’re trained right first time ????