Meet the team - Instructors

Having had a keen interest in any form of transport from a young age, Steve had his first taste of working life in the early 1990’s at Gatwick airport.  Wanting to pursue his passion for transport Steve went on to gain his various licences in the late 1990’s before gaining his Class 1 in 2000.

From there Steve found his job gave him the great opportunity to work in varied roles allowing him to travel throughout the UK and Europe on a regular basis.

Having been on the road living in a 10ft space Steve decided to pursue the open road in a different mode of transport.  So in 2004 Steve successfully gained his PCV licence.  Fromm there Steve embarked upon a career as a  European tour coach driver for companies based in the North of England.

Not wanting to shy away from a challenge Steve decided to apply for a visa for a labour shortage in Canada and so his love affair of transport and travel continued.  In 2007 Steve emigrated to Canada.  In the first few weeks of landing in Canada Steve worked hard to meet the required standards needed to take his Canadian Class 1 licence.   Steve was fortunate to travel across the length and breadth of Canada and America for several years in a one of those monster north American trucks before wanting to park up his 18 wheels.

From here Steve found his love of aircraft a positive in his next role as a Ramp Supervisor at Saskatoon Airport.  Whilst here Steve had his first chance of becoming an instructor in aviation Health & Safety.

In 2012 Steve returned to the UK settling in Sussex taking up as role as a European tour coach driver once again.

In 2014  having to finally managed to get rid of the children Steve and his wife went back to Canada and life on the open road together.  From 2014 to the early part of 2017 Steve, his wife and their Labrador Alan, lived and worked together in their Canadian Truck.

In 2017 Steve, his wife and dog returned to there hometown of Eastbourne where Steve took up employment as a tour coach driver for a company based in Crawley.

Having previously enjoyed his role as a trainer/instructor Steve embarked on his training as an LGV Instructor in the early part of 2018.  Having gained the NRI qualification Steve joined the 2 Start team shortly after this.